The Stories

Stories with a Point


What the Farmer Intended

What makes it Grow?

Weeds in your Garden

From the Smallest Seed

Partnership with Power 

In Common Paths 

Yeast Makes the Difference

Buried Treasure

Nothing Else Matters

Sinner in the Church

Treasures to give Away 


It Pays to Ask  

Two Men in Church

The Widow and the Judge 

God's Seeking Love 

The Runaway Sheep           

A Young Man Comes to Himself

Free on Probation  

Look Who's Invited  

Warning ! 

What if He Does it Again?           

He Had it Made

Too Late to Change  

It's Not What You Say    

The Tenants had Their Chance        

Fit for a Wedding 


Put it to Use

It Isn't Really Yours

Who is My Neighbor?

Not What You Deserve

Here Comes the Bride-Groom

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